Canon PowerShot A580 2463B020 User Guide (en)

Getting Started
Printing from a Print List
You can add images directly to a print list by merely pressing the 
 button immediately after shooting or playing back an image.
You can then print the images from the print list easily, when 
connecting the camera to a printer.
Add to the Print List
Press the 
 button (still images only).
Add to the print list.
1. Use the 
 button to select 
the number of print copies.
2. Use the 
 button to select 
3. Press the 
• To remove an image from the print 
list, press the 
 button again, use the 
 button to 
select [Remove] and press the FUNC./SET button.
Printing Images in a Print List
This explanation is based on the use of a Canon SELPHY ES series 
or SELPHY CP series printer.
Connect the camera to the printer.
Print the image.
1. Use the 
 button to select 
[Print now].
• You can use the 
to confirm the images added to 
the print list.
2. Press the 
• Printing will start.
• If printing is halted and resumed, 
printing will start from the next image in the queue.
Number of copies to print