Canon PowerShot A580 2463B020 User Guide (en)

 Night Snapshot
Allows you to take snapshots of people against 
twilight or night backgrounds by reducing the effects 
of camera shake when firmly holding the camera, 
even without using a tripod.
Allows you to capture subjects that move around, 
such as children and pets, without missing photo 
Prevents camera shake and maintains the subject’s 
true color when shooting under fluorescent or 
tungsten lighting.
 Night Scene
Allows you to capture people against the backdrop 
of an evening sky or night scene. The flash is 
directed at the person and the shutter speed is slow, 
so both the person and the background can be 
beautifully shot.
Allows you to shoot sunsets in vivid colors.
Shoots trees and leaves - such as new growth, 
autumn leaves or blossoms - in vivid colors.