Canon PowerShot A580 2463B020 User Guide (en)

Once the focus is fixed to a subject’s face, the frame can be set to 
follow the subject within a certain range.
Selecting a Subject to Focus On (Face 
Select and Track)
Available Shooting Modes
p. 190
To use the Face Select and Track function, first configure the 
following settings.
- Set [AF Frame] to [Face Detect] (p. 82).
- Register the 
 (Face Detect) function to the 
(p. 101).
Select a face you wish to focus on.
1. When a face is detected, press the 
• The camera enters face 
designation mode, and the face 
frame (
) of the main subject 
displays in green. Even if the 
subject moves, the frame will follow 
the subject within a certain range.
2. Select the person you wish to focus 
• When several faces have been detected, pressing the 
 button will move the face frame to another subject.
• The face frame will not display when a face is not detected.
• Holding down the DISP. button will 
display face frames (up to 35) of all 
the detected faces (green: face of 
main subject, white: detected 
• Pressing the 
 button will release 
the face designation mode.
Face Frame
Face Frame