Toshiba CAMILEO X-SPORTS PA5150E-1C0K Data Sheet (en, cs, de, da, es, fi, fr, cy, hr, bs, hu, it, nl, no, pl, pt, sv, sk, sl, tr)

User’s Manual
Inserting and removing a microSD™ card
A microSD™ card may need to be purchased separately. Your camcorder 
comes with a microSD™ card slot that allows you to expand the camcorder’s 
memory capacity with an optional microSD™ up to micro SDXC™ memory card.
1.  Open the ports cover.
2.  Insert the microSD™ card (optional) into the slot until it locks properly.
3.  To remove the microSD™ card press inward to release it and gently pull it out.
4.  Close the ports cover.
(Sample Illustration) Inserting / removing a microSD™ card
Push in the SD card slowly until it is locked, then release the card slowly. As the SD 
card is under minimal tension when it is installed in the card slot, please take care 
during removing it.
To remove the microSD™ card, press inwards to release it. When the card pops out, 
grasp it and pull it straight out.
To record in higher video resolutions with high frame rates we recommend to use at 
least a Class 6 SD card.
Quick Tour
This section identifies the various components of your Camileo X-Sports 
For a description of each component please refer to the table beneath each