Toshiba CAMILEO X-SPORTS PA5150E-1C0K Data Sheet (en, cs, de, da, es, fi, fr, cy, hr, bs, hu, it, nl, no, pl, pt, sv, sk, sl, tr)

User’s Manual
Optional Accessory Packs
Following Accessory Packs are available separately from Toshiba (availability 
depending on region):
1.  Head & Chest Pack
2.  Clip & Go Pack
3.  Waterproof Casing
4.  Accessory Pack
5.  Battery Pack
Connect your Remote Control with the Camcorder
Start pairing your Remote Control with the Camcorder
In your camcorder’s general Settings make sure the Remote Control option is 
activated (ON). Turn on your remote by pressing the Record button on your 
remote. Choose Remote Pairing option in your camcorders’ general Settings 
with the Up and Down buttons and press the Playback button on your camera 
to confirm and start pairing process. LCD screen will show the message 
“Please click REC on your remote”. Click the Record button on your remote 
and remote will be paired with your camcorder showing solid white LED. 
When pairing process finished, LCD will show message “Successful!”. You can 
now remote control your camcorder. 
Turn on and off Wi-Fi
In the general Settings choose Wi-Fi option with the Up and Down buttons and 
press the Playback button to enable Wi-Fi. Then exit to live view screen by 
pressing the Record button. LCD will display “Processing…”. Once the Wi-Fi 
initializing is done, a Wi-Fi icon will appear on the left top status column which 
indicates that Wi-Fi is activated. 
Toshiba APP “Toshiba WiFi Connect”
With the APP* “Toshiba WiFi Connect” you can operate your camera wirelessly 
from iOS and Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
*(available for free on iOS and Google Play stores, compatible with latest iOS 
versions 5.x & Android versions 4.x and above)