Toshiba CAMILEO X-SPORTS PA5150E-1C0K Data Sheet (en, cs, de, da, es, fi, fr, cy, hr, bs, hu, it, nl, no, pl, pt, sv, sk, sl, tr)

User’s Manual
Welcome and thank you for choosing a TOSHIBA product. 
For your convenience, your TOSHIBA product is furnished with two guides:
a) a Quick Start Guide, and
b) this comprehensive PDF User’s Manual.
We recommend to read this manual carefully and keep it with your product 
documentation for future reference.
Safety Instructions
1.  Do not drop, puncture or disassemble the camcorder / Remote Control; 
otherwise the warranty will be voided.
2.  Do not expose the camcorder / remote to high temperature or leave it in 
direct sunlight. Doing so may damage the camcorder/remote.
3.  The camcorder may get warm due to continuous use. If needed, the built-in 
overheat protection will automatically turn off the unit for safety purposes. 
In case this happens, let the camcorder cool down before attempting to use 
it again.
4.  Use the camcorder / remote with care. Avoid pressing hard on the 
camcorder / remote body.
5.  For your own safety, avoid using the camcorder / remote when there is a 
storm or lightning.
6.  Use only the accessories supplied by the manufacturer.
7.  Do not use other AC/DC adapters than the one bundled with your device*, 
as otherwise your device may be damaged. 
*  (Sunny Electronics Corp.; model: SYS1460-0505; INPUT: 100-240 V~, 50-60Hz, 
Max. 1,0 A, Class II; OUTPUT: 5,0 Vd.c., 1 A, LPS) 
8.  Keep the camcorder / remote out of the reach of infants.
Cautions concerning using the camcorder under water – 
inside Waterproof Casing
•  Please be aware that the camcorder itself is not waterproof at all. It is only 
waterproof inside the Waterproof Casing. 
•  The waterproof properties of the Casing apply to fresh water and saltwater 
only; they do not apply to cleaning substances, chemicals or water from 
spas, etc. In case of a splash, immediately wipe off any moisture.
•  Make sure that the Waterproof Casing door is closed and the door latch is 
locked properly.
•  Do not immerse in water at a depth deeper than 60 m.
•  Do not subject the camcorder to high-pressure water.
•  Do not immerse in water for longer than 1.5 hours.