Toshiba CAMILEO X-SPORTS PA5150E-1C0K Data Sheet (en, cs, de, da, es, fi, fr, cy, hr, bs, hu, it, nl, no, pl, pt, sv, sk, sl, tr)

User’s Manual
Getting Started
Inserting and removing battery
Your camcorder comes with a battery that needs to be inserted in the 
camcorder before usage.
1.  Open the ports cover.
2.  Insert the battery into the slot until it locks properly.
3.  To remove the battery, push the battery lock outward and gently pull 
battery out.
4.  Close the ports cover.
Battery lock
(Sample Illustration) Inserting / removing battery
Charge the Camcorder and Remote Control
You must use the AC adapter or USB cable to charge your camcorder or 
remote before usage. To charge your camcorder or remote through the AC 
Adapter (5V/1A) plug the AC adaptor into an AC wall socket and connect 
its micro-USB plug into the micro-USB port on the camcorder / remote. 
The blinking green light indicates that the battery is currently being charged; 
the light glows continuously green once charging is completed. The full 
charging time with AC adapter is approximately 2.5 hours. (Actual charging 
time will vary, depending on battery condition and charging conditions.)
To charge your camcorder / remote through the supplied USB cable connect 
your camcorder’s / remote’s micro-USB port to a USB port on your computer 
with the supplied USB cable. The blinking green light indicates that the battery 
is currently being charged; the light glows continuously green once charging is 
completed. Charging the battery through the USB cable takes approximately 
6 hours for camcorder / 2.5 hours for remote. (Actual charging time will vary, 
depending on battery condition and charging conditions including power 
availability from the computer’s USB port.)
Never charge the battery by a method other than as instructed. Doing so may 
cause a fire or explosion possibly resulting in serious injury.