Canon EOS 1DS MARK II 9443A009 Instruction Manual (en)

Remote Switch RS-80N3
This is a remote switch with an 80 cm cord to prevent 
camera shake for super-telephoto shots, macroshooting, 
and bulb exposures. The switch has the same effect as 
pressing the shutter button halfway or completely. A 
shutter-release lock is also provided. The quick-lock plug 
connects to the camera’s remote control terminal. 
Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3
Attached with an 80-cm cord, this remote switch has four 
built-in functions: 1.Self-timer, 2.Interval timer, 3.Bulb-
exposure timer, and 4. Shutter-release count setting. The 
timer can be set anywhere from 1 sec. to 99 hours, 59 
min. , 59 sec. in 1-sec. increments. The connection plug 
for the camera has a quick-lock feature. 
Wireless Controller LC-4
Wireless controller effective up to 100 meters. It consists 
of a transmitter and receiver. The receiver’s camera 
connection plug connects to the camera’s remote control 
E-series Dioptric Adjustment Lenses
One of ten E-series dioptric adjustment lenses (–4 to +3 
diopters) can be attached to the camera’s eyepiece to 
further expand the dioptric adjustment range. 
Memory card
Data storage media where the captured images are 
recorded. Using Canon memory cards is recommended. 
PC card adapter
Enables a CF card to be inserted into a PC card slot or 
PC card reader.