Canon EOS 1DS MARK II 9443A009 Instruction Manual (en)

Battery Life
The figures above are based on CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products 
Association) testing criteria. 
Flip out the battery release 
handle and turn it as shown by 
the arrow. 
Press the battery release button 
and take out the battery. 
Shots remaining
At 20˚C / 68˚F
Approx. 1200
At 0˚C / 32˚F
Approx. 800
Removing the Battery
The actual number of shots may be fewer than indicated above 
depending on the shooting conditions. 
The number of possible shots will decrease with more frequent use of the 
LCD monitor. 
The number of possible shots will also decrease if you hold down the 
shutter button halfway for prolonged periods or only activate the 
autofocus without taking a picture. 
If you keep recharging the Ni-MH battery without fully exhausting it first, 
the battery’s capacity will decrease. To learn how to avoid a decrease in 
the battery capacity, refer to the Ni-MH Charger NC-E2’s instructions.