Canon EOS 1DS MARK II 9443A009 Instruction Manual (en)

The camera can use both a CF card and SD card. There must be at 
least one card installed to enable shooting. 
If both cards are installed, you can select which card to record the 
images. (p.61)
If you use an SD card, be sure the write protect switch is set 
upward to enable writing/erasing. 
Open the cover. 
Flip up and turn the cover release 
handle as shown by the arrow. 
Insert the memory card into the 
The left slot is for the CF card, and the 
right slot is for the SD card. 
If you insert the CF card in the 
wrong way, it may damage the 
camera. As shown in the diagram, 
the top side of the card must face 
toward you while the edge with the 
row of small holes is inserted all the 
way into the slot. 
Close the cover. 
Push in the cover until the cover 
release handle returns to its original 
Installing and Removing the Memory Card
Installing the Card