Canon EOS 1DS MARK II 9443A009 Instruction Manual (en)

The access lamp lights or blinks while the picture is taken, when 
data is being transferred to the memory card and when data is being 
recorded, read, or erased on the memory card. Never do the 
following while the access lamp is lit or blinking. Such actions may 
destroy the image data. 
It may also damage the memory card or camera. 
· Shaking or banging the camera around. 
· Opening the memory card slot cover. 
· Removing the battery. 
After image capture, you cannot do any menu operation while the image 
is processed and recorded onto the memory card (lit or blinking access 
When the memory card becomes full, the “Card Full” warning will appear 
on the LCD panel and in the viewfinder. Shooting will be 
disabled.Replace the memory card with one that is not full.
If “
Card Err
 (Card error)” is displayed on the LCD panel, see page 119. 
If you use a low-capacity memory card, it might not be able to record 
large images. 
Microdrive cards are more vulnerable to vibration and physical shock. If 
you use a microdrive, be careful not to subject the camera to vibration or 
physical shock while recording or playing images. 
Do not touch the SD card’s contacts with your fingers or metal objects. 
Card-full display
Card error display
Memory card No.