Canon EOS 1DS MARK II 9443A009 Instruction Manual (en)

Set the ISO speed that is to be the standard AEB exposure. For 
example, if you want AEB with ±1 stop and ISO 200, 400, and 800, set 
the ISO speed to 400. 
Set the AEB amount. 
Hold down the <
> and <
buttons simultaneously and turn the 
> dial. 
The diagram on the left shows an AEB 
amount of ±1 stop centering on the 
standard exposure level. The AEB 
amount (1.0), the AEB range <
and the <
> icon will be displayed. 
The shooting operation will be the 
same as AEB shooting while changing 
the shutter speed or aperture. 
AEB with the ISO Speed
AEB shooting (by changing the shutter speed/aperture or ISO speed) 
cannot be used with flash photography and bulb exposures. 
AEB shooting is possible only within the settable shutter speed range (1/
8000 - 30 sec. ), aperture range, and ISO speed range (100 - 1600). It is 
not possible with ISO 50 and 3200 even if the ISO speed extension is 
If you use C.Fn-06-2 to set the exposure setting increment to 1/2 stop, 
AEB shooting with the ISO speed will not be possible. 
In the continuous shooting mode, holding down the shutter button will 
take all three bracketed shots continuously, then the shooting will stop 
automatically (except during mirror lockup). 
When AEB is used with the self-timer, the three bracketed shots will be 
taken in succession after the 2- or 10-second self-timer delay. 
If the drive mode is set to single shooting, press the shutter button three 
times to take the three AEB shots. 
AEB can be combined with exposure compensation. 
During AEB shooting, the <
> icon in the viewfinder and the <
> or 
> icon on the LCD panel will blink.