GE Ca-Zoom PTZ 70 Operating Guide (en)

Everest Ca-Zoom
4.8   Camera Module Replacement - PTZ00
Before performing any maintenance task, be sure to de-pressurize the camera unit via the shrader 
Follow these steps to replace the camera module in the event of camera failure:
•  Remove the back cover from camera housing by unscrewing the 8 Phillips screws around the       
    edges (fig. 51).
•  Lift off cover by applying some pressure to slide it sideways.
•  Locate the video harness and pull free from camera housing (fig. 52)
•  Detach black video connector harness and gently pull to the left side out of the way (fig. 53).
•  Locate the power harness  and unplug from the circuit board by gently pulling on the wires    
    (fig. 54).
•  Gently pull to the left side out of the way.
Figure 5
Figure 52
Figure 53
Figure 54