GE Ca-Zoom PTZ 70 Operating Guide (en)

Everest Ca-Zoom
•  Locate the laser power harness and unplug from the circuit board by gently pulling on the  
    wires (fig. 55)
•  Gently pull harness to the right side of the housing out of the way.
•  Pull the module out through the back of the camera housing (fig. 57).
•  As the module is removed, pull to the left to clear the internal wiring.
•  Make sure the internal wiring is tight along the sides of the housing before inserting a new        
    module (fig. 58).
•  Reconnect the video harness, the power harness (right 4-pin connector) and the laser harness       
    (left 4-pin connector)
•  Replace cover and tighten screws hand-tight.
•  Pressure test camera housing.  See “
Pressure Testing” section on page 82.
Figure 55
Figure 56
Figure 57
Figure 58