Konica Minolta NS-DPF8IP Quick Setup Guide (en)

Quick Setup Guide l
 NS-DPF8IP 8" Digital Picture Frame with iPod/iPhone Dock
Congratulations on your purchase of a high-
quality Insignia product. Your new digital picture 
frame is designed for reliable and trouble-free 
Package contents
•  Digital picture frame
•  AC power adapter
•  Memory Stick PRO Duo adapter
•  Remote control with battery (CR2025)
• Cleaning 
• User 
•  Quick Setup Guide
# Description
Memory card slot (SD/SDHC/MMC/Memory 
Stick/Memory Stick Pro Duo/xD/microSD) 
Note: MicroSD and MS PRO Duo require an 
Memory card slot CompactFlash (CF)
Headphone jack
USB port
Mini USB port
Line in connector
DC power connector 
Remote control slot
# Description
Standby—press to enter Standby mode.
Volume up and down—press to increase or 
decrease volume during playback.
Snooze/Alarm Set—press to enter the alarm 
clock setup or to activate the snooze function.
Back—press to move backward through 
Up, Down, Left, Right—press to move the 
menu selection or to select the next or 
previous picture/song/video.
Enter—press to select a menu option.
Play/Pause—press to pause or resume a 
slideshow (Photo mode) or music or video 
Sleep Timer—enable Timer to turn off  device 
Home—press to return to the main menu.
10 Display—press to choose the display mode 
(normal, multi-image, clock, etc.).
11 Menu—press to bring up the menu.
Setting up the remote control
Remove the plastic tab that extends past the 
bottom edge of the remote control. This tab 
protects the battery. The remote control will not 
work until it is removed.
Setting up the frame
Plug the AC power adapter into the frame’s 
power connector and into an AC power outlet.
Viewing pictures on a memory card or 
USB device
1  Insert a memory card or USB device into one of 
the available memory slots or the USB port. 
2  Slideshow begins automatically and displays 
pictures contained in the memory device you 
3 Press 
 (Play/Pause) to pause the slideshow 
on a specifi c picture.
4 Press 
 (Play/Pause) again to resume the 
5 Press 
 (DISPLAY) to select the slideshow 
mode you want to view. Options include 
NormalMulti-Image, or Clock display.
To toggle between single- and multi-image 
slideshow modes or to display the clock, press 
 (DISPLAY) during slideshow playback.
Caution: Memory cards fi t into the card slots in one 
direction only. Do not force a memory card into a slot. 
The card should fi t snugly when inserted correctly. 
Some cards require an adapter to fi t correctly. 
Playing media from your iPod or iPhone
1  Plug your iPod or iPhone into the docking 
2 Press 
 (HOME) to return to the Home screen.
3 Press
◄ or ► to select the iPod icon, then press 
4 Press 
◄ or ► to select the type of media 
you want to play (music or video), then press 
5 Press 
▲ or ▼ to move through the menu and 
press ENTER to open a sub-menu.
6 Press 
 (PLAY/PAUSE) and ENTER to play 
selected media fi le or category.
For more information about using your digital picture 
frame, see your User Guide online at 
6-month limited warranty
Visit www.insigniaproducts.com for details.
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