Konica Minolta Spot Mask II Technical Manual (en)

DiMAGE Scan Elite II 
Technical Specifications 
* with optional APS Adapter AD-10 
Film type 
Color/black and white, Negative/positive  
Advanced Photo System:* 
Color/black and white, Negative/positive 
Maximum input resolution: 2820dpi 
Maximum scan size: 
35mm film: 
24.21 x 36.32 mm 
Advanced Photo System:* 
17.29 x 29.98 mm 
Maximum input pixels: 
35mm film: 
2,688 x 4,032  
Advanced Photo System:* 
1,920 x 3,328 
Scan method: 
Moving-film, fixed-sensor, single-pass scan 
Sensor type: 
3-line color CCD  
Number of pixels: 
2,700 pixels per line 
RGB filter
Multi-sample scanning: 
2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, Off 
Continuous scan: 
35mm-film holder: 6 frames (max.) 
Slide mount holder: 4 frames (max.)  
A/D conversion: 16 
Output data:  
8 bits, 16 bits (per color channel) 
Dynamic range: 4.8 
Scan time:  
Approximate time with positive film, 2820 dpi input 
resolution, 8-bit output color depth, no Digital ICE
no cropping, no autoexposure, no color matching: 
  Scanning time will increase when using any of the 
Digital ICE
Final scan  Index scan (per frame) 
35mm film: 
7 s 
33 s 
7 s 
Advanced Photo System film:*  8 s 
29 s 7 
System environment: 
CPU: PowerPC G4 533 MHz 
RAM: 512MB 
Hard disk space: 35GB
Operating system: Mac OS 9.1 
Application: Adobe Photoshop 6.0 
Memory allocated to application: 380MB 
Interface: FireWire (IEEE 1394) as standard