Canon 5D MK III User Manual (en)

Specify settings.
Select [Auto], [Manual], or [Disable] from the list box.
 When setting is completed, click the [Close] button to close the 
[Recording settings] window.
An attenuator settings box appears when 
connected. In conditions with much loud sound, sound cracking 
may occur even when shooting with [Sound recording] set to 
[Auto] or [Manual]. If there is sound cracking, it is recommended 
that you checkmark the attenuator function box to enable the 
attenuator function.
Audio Recording/Audio Recording Level
The audio recording level is adjusted automatically 
according to the volume of the sound. When [Auto] is 
selected, you can only set the Wind filter function.
[Manual]: Function for advanced users. You can adjust the audio 
recording level as desired. 
Drag the audio recording level slider while checking the 
level meter to adjust the audio recording level. When the 
volume is loud, refer to the peak hold function (approx. 3 
seconds) while adjusting so that the right side of “12” on 
the level meter (-12 dB) lights intermittently. Exceeding 
“0” results in sound cracking.
[Disable]: Sound is not recorded.
From the [Sound recording] 
list box, select [Auto], 
[Manual], or [Disable]
Wind filter function
Audio recording level 
Level meter
Wind Filter Function
When you want to reduce the sound of the wind recorded while 
shooting outdoors, checkmark the Wind filter function box to enable 
the Wind filter function. It will function only when using a built-in 
microphone. However, when enabled, low bass sounds are also 
partially reduced, and it is recommended that you remove the 
check mark from this box in locations with no wind, to disable the 
Wind filter function.