Canon 5D MK III User Manual (en)

An image saved in your computer can be overlaid on top of the image 
displayed in the [Remote Live View window]. As this function allows you 
to accurately align angles, it is useful when shooting several images at 
the same angle, such as when shooting product photos. Images loaded 
from your computer are only displayed, and are not included in the shot.
Select the [Compose] tab sheet in the [Remote Live 
View window] and click the [Open] button in 
The [Open] dialog box appears.
Overlaid Display Function
Select the image you want to display as an overlay 
and click the [Open] button. 
The [Open] dialog box appears.
, JPEG, TIFF, BMP (bitmap), and GIF images can be 
displayed as an overlay.
• Only RAW images with the extension “.CR2” shot with a 
Canon camera can be displayed as an overlay.
• Images that have been adjusted with Digital Photo 
Professional are also displayed in the condition when they 
were shot.
Even with supported image file types, the display of the image as 
an overlay may not be possible.
[Show overlay image] is checkmarked, and the selected image is 
displayed as an overlay in the [Remote Live View window].