Canon 5D MK III User Manual (en)

If the [Flash control] menu is displayed on the camera’s LCD 
monitor, EU [Flash function settings] window automatically closes.
You can use modeling flash by clicking the [Modeling flash] 
button. You should only use modeling flash for a maximum of 10 
times continuously. (For more information, refer to the Instruction 
Manual provided with the flash.)
Information displayed in the [Flash function settings] window is 
updated by clicking the [
] button, so it is synchronized with 
the current flash settings. (Since setting changes made with the 
flash unit are not reflected in the [Flash function settings] window, 
you can click the [
] button and update the [Flash function 
settings] window to match the current flash settings.)
You can name and save the flash setting as a file separate from 
the image by clicking the [Save] button. You can also click the 
[Load] button and load this file into EU for use in other shooting.
You can use flash shooting and Remote Live View shooting 
However, you cannot use modeling flash during Remote Live 
View shooting.
Settings that can be performed in the [Flash function settings] 
window differ depending on the flash and camera.
Click the [
] button to shoot.
The shot image is transferred to your computer and displayed in 
the [Quick Preview] window. Then, DPP starts up automatically.
When the capture window AF/MF selector is set to [AF], AF/AE is 
executed when the cursor is moved to the [
] button. 
You can quickly review the shot image in the [Quick Preview] 
window displayed before DPP starts up. You can also resize the 
[Quick Preview] window.
You can show/hide the [Quick Preview] window by clicking the 
[Other Functions] button in the capture widow and selecting 
[Quick Preview] from the menu that appears.
For a list of [Flash function settings] window functions, see 
You can also shoot using the <space> bar on the keyboard.