Canon 5D MK III User Manual (en)

From the list box, you can select the linked software that starts up when 
images are downloaded from the camera or when images are shot 
remotely. Also, you can register third-party software as linked software 
by clicking the [Apply] button.
Linked Software
In the window displayed when you click the [Apply] button, you can 
specify the type of images to be posted when linked third-party 
software is started up.
You can specify settings for clock time when connected to a camera.
Time Settings
When you select [Notify me if the time does not match], you can 
set the number of minutes, from 1 to 60 minutes, for which the 
camera clock and computer clock are out of sync before you are 
When you start up EU, the camera clock and computer clock are 
compared. If the time difference exceeds the set number of 
minutes, a notification dialog box is displayed.
When you select [Always match the computer time], the camera 
is set to the computer’s time when you start up EU.