Pentax ZX-M User Manual (en)

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Manual Focus 35mm SLR Camera
Like its sister models in the popular ZX-series, the ZX-M offers
super-compact dimensions and straightforward, easy to read dial
controls; but focus is totally manual. It incorporates an array of creative
and user-friendly features, including a multi-mode exposure system;
an advanced light metering system; and a 1/2000-second high-speed
shutter. For convenience, it offers easy film handling, LCD and
viewfinder displays, depth-of-field preview and a Memory Lock
function. As a result, this is the model for the next generation of
photographers as well as those who want to learn the basic skills
through creativity and fun. The ZX-M helps teach photography in a
simple and easy way. It is also very lightweight, so just about anybody
can take it just about anywhere. Accepts all A, FA, and F-mount lenses.
Compact, Lightweight Body
The ZX-M measures just 135mm (5.3˝) wide,
90.5mm (3.6˝) high and 55mm (2.2˝) deep,
and weighs only 305 grams (10.8 oz.), making
it compact enough for the user to bring along
on every occasion.
Exposure System
The ZX-M offers four different exposure
modes: the hands-off Programmed AE, the
depth-oriented Aperture-Priority AE, the
action oriented Shutter-Priority AE, and the
totally maneuverable Metered Manual. The
selection of an exposure mode is made simply
by adjusting the lens aperture ring and/or the
camera’s shutter dial.
Metering System 
The ZX-M multi-pattern metering system is
designed to get the maximum performance
from the camera’s auto-exposure modes –
even in difficult backlighting and high-
contrast situations.
Manual ISO Film Setting 
Film speed can be manually adjusted between
ISO 6 and ISO 6400 in 1/3 steps, so that the
photographer can set the right film speed for
non-DX coded film or intentionally shift the
exposure level on an entire roll of film.
Exposure Compensation 
With a simple turn of the exposure compen-
sation dial, this function allows the user to
adjust the level of exposure within a ±3EV
range in 1/2EV steps for bracketing or for
intentional over - or underexposure.
Memory Lock
This function allows the user to ensure
correct exposure on a single element in the
final image by memorizing the exposure
data for 10 seconds with simple push-button
LCD and
Viewfinder Display 
The external LCD panel and viewfinder
display offer a range of useful photographic
data to the photographer at a glance. The
viewfinder also features a Pentax original
Natural-Bright-Matte focusing screen for a
sharp, clear viewfinder image and an
automatic illuminator for easy reading of data
regardless of the subject’s lighting
Easy Film Handling 
The built-in film winder loads the film,
advances it to the first frame, winds it at
the speed of two frames per second, and
rewinds the film at the end of the roll – all
High-Speed Shutter
With a top shutter speed of 1/2000 second,
the ZX-M can freeze a critical moment in the
subject’s movement. Such high shutter
speeds are very useful in sports and action
One push of the preview button allows the
user to check the depth of focus to create the
desired visual effect, even when the lens
aperture ring is set to the “A” (auto) position.
The built-in self-timer delays shutter release
by 12 seconds, allowing the photographer to
be part of the picture. This is also useful for
avoiding camera shake in slow-shutter and
bulb applications.
with Pentax Lenses
and Accessories
Most existing high-quality Pentax 35mm
interchangeable lenses and a wider range of
optional accessories can be used with the
ZX-M to satisfy the photographer’s every
creative need. (Note that autofocus operation
is not available with the ZX-M even when a
Pentax-FA lens is mounted.)