Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

Power Supply and Batteries
Using the AA-size Ni-MH batteries correctly
• As a power source in digital cameras, AA-size Ni-MH 
batteries (referred to hereafter as Ni-MH batteries) are 
superior to alkaline batteries in several ways, such as 
allowing more shots to be taken with the camera. 
However, care must be taken with the way Ni-MH 
batteries are used if their original performance is to be 
• Ni-MH batteries left unused in storage for long periods 
can become “deactivated”. Also, repeatedly charging 
Ni-MH batteries that are only partially discharged can 
cause them to suffer from the “memory effect”.
Ni-MH batteries that are “deactivated” or affected by 
“memory” suffer from the problem of only providing 
power for a short time after being charged. To prevent 
this problem, discharge and recharge them several 
times using the camera’s “Discharging rechargeable 
batteries” function. By repeating this cycle several 
times, the temporary reduction in performance caused 
by “memory” or “deactivation” can be remedied and the 
batteries can be restored to their original performance 
Deactivation and memory are specific to Ni-MH 
batteries and are not in fact battery faults. See p.101-
102 for the procedure for “Discharging rechargeable 
Do not use the “Discharging rechargeable batteries” 
function when alkaline batteries being used.
• To charge Ni-MH batteries, use the quick battery 
charger (sold separately). Refer to the instructions 
supplied with the charger to make sure that the charger 
is used correctly.
• Do not use the battery charger to charge other batteries.
• Note that the batteries feel warm after being charged.
• Due to the way the camera is constructed, a small 
amount of current is used even when the camera is 
turned off. Note in particular that leaving Ni-MH 
batteries in the camera for a long period will 
overdischarge the batteries and may render them 
unusable even after recharging.
• Ni-MH batteries will self-discharge even when not used, 
and the time for which they can be used may be 
shortened as a result.
• Ni-MH batteries will deteriorate rapidly if 
overdischarged (e.g. by discharging the batteries in a 
flashlight). Use the “Discharging rechargeable 
batteries” function provided in the camera to discharge 
the batteries.
• Ni-MH batteries have a limited service life. If a battery 
can only be used for a short time even after repeated 
discharge-charge cycles, it may have reached the end 
of its service life.
Disposing of Batteries
When disposing of batteries, do so in accordance with 
your local waste disposal regulations.