Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

Notes on the xD-Picture Card™ and the Internal Memory
Image Memory Card
• This Image Memory Card is a new image recording 
media (xD-Picture Card) developed for digital 
cameras. The Image Memory Card consists of a 
semiconductor memory (NAND-type flash memory) to 
record digital image data.
The recording process is electrically performed and 
enables erasure of existing image data as well as re-
recording of new image data.
• When using a new Memory Card, or a Memory Card 
that has been formatted by a PC, be sure to format the 
card with your digital camera before using it.
Internal Memory
• Images held in the camera’s internal memory may be 
corrupted or erased due to problems such as camera 
faults. Save your important data to another media (i.e., 
MO disk, CD-R, CD-RW, hard disk, etc.).
• Data stored in the camera’s internal memory cannot be 
guaranteed in the event that the camera is submitted for 
• When the camera is repaired, any data stored in the 
camera’s internal memory is subject to checking by the 
Protecting Your Data
• Images and movies may be lost or destroyed in the 
following situations. Please note that FUJIFILM 
assumes no responsibility for data that is lost or 
1.Removal of the memory card or turning the power off 
while the memory card or internal memory is being 
accessed (i.e., during record, erase, initialization, and 
playback operations).
2.Improper handling and use of the memory card or 
internal memory by the user or third party. 
Handling xD-Picture Card
• When storing xD-Picture Cards, make sure that they 
are kept out of the reach of children. An xD-Picture 
 could be swallowed cause suffocation. If a child 
swallows an xD-Picture Card, seek medical attention 
or call emergency number right away.
• When inserting the xD-Picture Card into the camera, 
hold the xD-Picture Card straight as you push it in.
• Do not expose an xD-Picture Card to shock. Do not 
apply pressure, and avoid bending.
• Do not use or store xD-Picture Card in hot and humid 
• Clean the xD-Picture Card with a soft dry piece of cloth 
when dirty.
• When carrying or storing an xD-Picture Card, keep it in 
the special protective case.
• The xD-Picture Card will work well for long time, but will 
sooner or later lose its ability to store and play back 
images or movies. If this happens replace it with a new 
xD-Picture Card.
• Never remove the xD-Picture Card or turn the camera 
off during data recording or erasing (xD-Picture Card 
formatting) as this could be damaged to the xD-Picture 
• The use of xD-Picture Cards is recommended with 
FinePix A400 / FinePix A500.
• The recording quality cannot be guaranteed when xD-
Picture Cards other than those manufactured by 
FUJIFILM are used.
Save your important data to another media (i.e., MO disk, 
CD-R, CD-RW, hard disk, etc.).