Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

Safety Notes
• Make sure that you use your FinePix A400 / FinePix 
A500 camera correctly. Read these Safety Notes and 
your Owner’s Manual carefully before use.
• After reading these Safety Notes, store them in a safe 
The icons shown below are used in this document to 
indicate the severity of the injury or damage that can 
result if the information indicated by the icon is ignored 
and the product is used incorrectly as a result.
The icons shown below are used to indicate the nature of 
the information which is to be observed.
About the Icons
This icon indicates that death 
or serious injury can result if 
the information is ignored.
This icon indicates that 
personal injury or material 
damage can result if the 
information is ignored.
Triangular icons tell you that this information requires 
attention (“important”).
Circular icons with a diagonal bar tell you that the 
action indicated is prohibited (“Prohibited”).
Filled circles with an exclamation mark tell you an 
action that must be performed (“Required”).
If a problem arises, turn the camera off, 
remove the batteries, disconnect and 
unplug the AC power adapter.
Continued use of the camera when it is 
emitting smoke, is emitting any unusual 
odor, or is in any other abnormal state can 
cause a fire or electric shock.
• Contact your FUJIFILM dealer.
Do not allow water or foreign objects to 
enter the camera.
If water or foreign objects get inside the 
camera, turn the camera off, remove the 
batteries and disconnect and unplug the 
AC power adapter.
Continued use of the camera can cause a 
fire or electric shock.
• Contact your FUJIFILM dealer.
Do not use the camera in the bathroom 
or shower.
This can cause a fire or electric shock.
Never attempt to change or take apart 
the camera. (Never open the casing.)
Do not use the camera when it has been 
dropped or the casing is damaged.
This can cause a fire or electric shock.
• Contact your FUJIFILM dealer.
Unplug from 
power socket.
Do not use in the 
bathroom or 
Do not