Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

Loading the Batteries
Compatible batteries
AA-size alkaline batteries (2) or AA-size Ni-MH 
rechargeable batteries (2) (sold separately)
Open the battery cover.
Batteries are required to operate the digital camera. At first, load the batteries in the camera.
• Never use the following types of 
batteries, as they could cause 
serious problems such as battery 
fluid leakage or overheating:
1. Batteries with split or peeling 
outer casings
2. Combinations of different 
types of batteries or new and used batteries together
• Do not use manganese or Ni-Cd batteries.
• Use the same brand and grade AA-size alkaline 
batteries as those supplied with the camera.
Outer casing
Check that the camera is turned off before opening the 
battery cover.
• Do not open the battery cover while the camera is on. 
This could damage the xD-Picture Card or ruin the 
image files on the xD-Picture Card.
• Do not apply force to the battery cover.