Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

When an xD-Picture Card (sold separately) 
is inserted
[Record images]:
Record images to an xD-Picture 
[Playback images]: Playback images in an xD-Picture 
When an xD-Picture Card (sold separately) is 
not inserted
[Record images]:
Record images to internal memory.
[Playback images]: Playback images in internal memory.
Images held in the camera’s internal memory may be 
corrupted or erased due to problems such as camera 
faults. Save your important data to another media (i.e., 
MO disk, CD-R, CD-RW, hard disk, etc.).
It is possible to transfer saved images on the internal 
memory to an xD-Picture Card (
Notes on xD-Picture Card
• When storing xD-Picture Cards, make sure that they 
are kept out of the reach of children. An xD-Picture 
 could be swallowed and cause suffocation. If a 
child swallows an xD-Picture Card, seek medical 
attention or call emergency number right away.
• If the xD-Picture Card is oriented incorrectly, it will not 
go all the way into the slot. Do not apply force when 
inserting an xD-Picture Card.
• Note that the xD-Picture Card may spring out if you 
release your finger quickly from the card immediately 
after the lock is released.
• Operation of this camera is only guaranteed when it is 
used with FUJIFILM xD-Picture Card.
• See p.103 for information on the xD-Picture Card.
• The bigger the number of recorded pixels, the better the 
image quality becomes. As the number of recorded 
pixels becomes smaller, you will be able to record more 
frames to an xD-Picture Card. See p.47 for information 
on changing the image quality setting.
• The size of an image file varies depending on the 
subject. For this reason, the number recorded may not 
represent the actual number of frames.
About internal memory
About images in the internal memory
ISO  200
FinePix A400 / FinePix A500 has 
internal memory that can store 
images without xD-Picture Card
Y appears on the LCD monitor 
when internal memory is active.