Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

Taking Pictures (a AUTO Mode)
Press the shutter button fully.
When taking a picture using the flash, the image may 
disappear and go dark briefly due to flash charging. The 
viewfinder lamp blinks orange during charging.
• The subject may be difficult to see clearly on the LCD 
monitor (in bright sunlight or dimly lit scenes, etc.). If so, 
use the viewfinder to take the picture.
• When the subject is not in the AF frame, use AF/AE lock 
to take the picture (
• When pressing the shutter button down fully in one 
motion, the camera takes the picture without the AF 
frame changing.
Halfway pressed
Fully pressed
Change the flash mode when you want to take 
pictures without flash. See p.43 for information on 
Notes on taking pictures
• The image shown on the LCD monitor before the picture 
is taken may differ in brightness, color, etc. from the 
image actually recorded. Play back the recorded image 
to check it (
• When selecting a slow shutter speed that will cause 
camera shake, | appears on the LCD monitor. Use 
flash or a tripod.
• See p.105-108 for information on Warning displays. See 
“Troubleshooting” (
➝p.109-113) for more information.
When pressing the shutter 
button down halfway, b 
appears on the LCD monitor 
before the flash fires.