Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

g the Camera
Press DISP/BACK to return to the zoom setting.
Zoom scales (FinePix A400)
Zoom scales (FinePix A500)
Multi-frame playback
Multi-frame playback screen (9 frames) appears on the 
LCD monitor. Select required frame from the 9 frames.
A Press p or q to move to 
another part of the image.
B Press n, o, p, or q to display 
another part of the image.
Quality mode
Max. zoom scale
4 (2304 × 1728 pixels)
Approx. 3.6×
% (2304 × 1536 pixels)
Approx. 3.6×
2 (1600 × 1200 pixels)
Approx. 2.5×
1 (1280 × 960 pixels)
Approx. 2×
Quality mode
Max. zoom scale
[ (2592 × 1944 pixels)
Approx. 4.1×
% (2592 × 1728 pixels)
Approx. 4.1×
3 (2048 × 1536 pixels)
Approx. 3.2×
2 (1600 × 1200 pixels)
Approx. 2.5×
A Press n, o, p, or q to move 
the cursor (colored frame) to the 
selecting frame.
Press n or o repeatedly to 
jump to the next page.
B Press MENU/OK again to 
enlarge the image.
Still images viewable on FinePix A400 / 
FinePix A500
This camera will display still images recorded on FinePix 
A400 / FinePix A500 or still images (excluding some 
uncompressed images) recorded on any FUJIFILM digital 
camera that supports xD-Picture Cards. Clear playback 
or playback zooming may not be possible for still images 
shot on cameras other than FinePix A400 / FinePix A500.