Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

Advanced Fe
atures — Photography
Adjusting color balance 
Available Photography mode: s (
Adjust the color balance based on white to suit the color 
of the ambient light around the subject.
AUTO: Automatic adjustment
6 : Shooting outdoors in good weather
7: Shooting in shade
9 : Shooting under Daylight fluorescent lamps
0 : Shooting under Warm White fluorescent lamps
- : Shooting under Cool White fluorescent lamps
8 : Shooting in incandescent light
• In AUTO mode, the correct white balance may not be 
achieved for subjects such as close-ups of people’s 
faces and pictures taken under a special light source. 
Select the correct white balance for the light source.
• When the flash fires, the white balance setting for the 
flash is used. Consequently, to achieve a particular 
effect, the flash mode should be set to C Suppressed 
flash (
• The color tones may vary depending on the shooting 
conditions (light source, etc.).
• Explanation of Terms “White balance” (
Setting the menus (