Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

r Recording Movies
Record movies.
Press the shutter button down fully to start recording.
During recording, lREC and a counter that shows the 
remaining time appear on the LCD monitor.
There is no need to hold down the shutter button during 
Fully pressed
Recording ends when pressing 
the shutter button down 
halfway during recording or the 
remaining time runs out.
Halfway pressed
Recording movies
• Specifications: Motion JPEG (
➝p.120), Without sound
• Quality selection method: $ (320 × 240 pixels)
# (160 × 120 pixels)
• Frame rate (
➝p.120): 10 frames per second (fixed)
• The brightness and color of the LCD monitor shown 
during movie recording may differ from those shown 
before recording begins. 
• Pressing the shutter button down fully fixes the focus, 
however the exposure and white balance are adjusted to 
the scene being shot.
• If recording is stopped immediately after it begins, 1 
second of the movie is recorded onto the xD-Picture 
 or internal memory.
• Because a movie is recorded onto the xD-Picture Card 
or internal memory as it is saved, it cannot be recorded 
correctly if the camera suddenly loses power (if the 
batteries run out or the AC power adapter is 
• A movie file taken by FinePix A400 / Fine Pix A500 may 
not be playable on other cameras.