Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

Use this function to shoot enlarged images than 
maximum optical zoom scale.
Zoom bar display
Zoom bar
Digital zoom OFF
Digital zoom ON
Optical zoom: 3×
Optical zoom: 3×
 FinePix A500
Digital zoom: 
approx. 5.2× 
• Optical zoom focal length
Approx. 38 mm to 114 mm
• Digital zoom focal length
FinePix A400
Approx. 114 mm to 410 mm,
max. zoom scale: approx. 3.6×
FinePix A500
Approx. 114 mm to 593 mm,
max. zoom scale: approx. 5.2×
35 mm camera equivalents
When zooming changes between optical and digital, the 
position of the “ ” indicator stops. Press the same Zoom 
switch again to start the “ ” indicator moving again.
Using the digital zoom allows you to enlarge your subject 
and shoot it. However, it will lower your image quality. Set 
the digital zoom when requiring it.
How to use the SET-UP menu (