Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

Test Shots Prior to Photography
For important photographs (such as weddings and 
overseas trips), always take a test shot and view the 
image to make sure that the camera is working normally.
• Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. cannot accept liability for any 
incidental losses (such as the costs of photography or 
the loss of income from photography) incurred as a 
result of faults with this product.
Notes on Copyright
Images recorded using your digital camera system cannot 
be used in ways that infringe copyright laws without the 
consent of the owner, unless intended only for personal 
use. Note that some restrictions apply to the 
photographing of stage performances, entertainments 
and exhibits, even when intended purely for personal use. 
Users are also asked to note that the transfer of 
xD-Picture Card containing images or data protected 
under copyright laws is only permissible within the 
restrictions imposed by those copyright laws.
Handling Your Digital Camera
This camera contains precision electronic components. 
To ensure that images are recorded correctly, do not 
subject the camera to impact or shock while an image is 
being recorded.
Liquid Crystal
If the LCD monitor is damaged, take particular care with 
the liquid crystal in the monitor. If any of the following 
situations arise, take the urgent action indicated.
• If liquid crystal comes in contact with your skin
Wipe the area with a cloth and then wash thoroughly 
with soap and running water.
• If liquid crystal gets into your eye
Flush the affected eye with clean water for at least 15 
minutes and then seek medical assistance.
• If liquid crystal is swallowed
Flush your mouth thoroughly with water. Drink large 
quantities of water and induce vomiting. Then seek 
medical assistance.
Damaged by Water or Sand
FinePix A400 / FinePix A500 can be damaged on the 
inside and outside by water and sand. When you are at 
the beach or close to water, make sure that the camera is 
not damaged by water or sand. Take care not to place the 
camera on a wet surface.
Damaged by Condensation
If the camera is carried from a cold location into a warm 
place, water droplets (condensation) may form on the 
inside of the camera or on the lens. When this occurs, turn 
the camera off and wait an hour before using the camera. 
Condensation may also form on the xD-Picture card. In 
this event, remove the xD-Picture card and wait a short