Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

Connecting to a PC
Windows XP
A The “Found New Hardware” help message appears in 
the bottom-right corner of your screen. This message 
will close when the settings are completed. No action 
is required.
B Specify the settings in the “AutoPlay” dialog box.
• When FinePixViewer is included in the list of 
actions to perform
Select “Viewing images using FinePixViewer” and then 
select the “Always do the selected action” checkbox. 
This checkbox may not be shown in some cases. 
Click the [OK] button to launch FinePixViewer.
• When FinePixViewer is not included in the list of 
actions to perform
Select “Take no action” and then select the “Always do 
the selected action” checkbox. This checkbox may not 
be shown in some cases.
Click the [OK] button and launch FinePixViewer 
C A new removable disk icon appears in the “My 
Computer” window.
FinePixViewer automatically starts up and the Save 
Image Wizard window (Save Image dialog box) 
appears. Follow the instructions provided on screen to 
save the images. To proceed without saving the 
images, click the [Cancel] button.
Once the image has been saved, the window below 
appears (Save Image Wizard Windows). To 
disconnect the camera, click the [Remove] button.
If the above operations do not occur, you do not have the 
required software programs or drivers installed on your 
PC. Complete the required PC setup procedures. Then 
reconnect the camera to your PC.
This step is not required for subsequent connections.
Regarding the icons
The next time you connect the camera, the removable disk 
drive icon’s name changes to the “FinePix” icon and name.
Proceed to “USING FinePixViewer” (
Disconnecting the camera