Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

Accessories Guide
Visit the FUJIFILM web site for the latest information on camera accessories.
• xD-Picture Card
Use the following xD-Picture Cards:
There are two types of xD-Picture Card: standard type and Type M (containing “M” in the model 
number, such as DPC-M1GB).
FinePix A400/FinePix A500 are compatible with Type M, however they may not be compatible 
depending on the device used (Image Memory Card Reader, etc.).
• Fujifilm Rechargeable Battery 2HR-3UF
The 2HR-3UF includes 2 pieces of high-capacity AA-size Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride) batteries.
• Fujifilm Battery Charger with Battery BK-NH2
(With Euro type or UK type plug)
The BK-NH2 includes the quick battery charger BCH-NH2 and 2 Ni-MH batteries. The BCH-NH2 can 
charge 2 Ni-MH batteries in approx. 75 minutes. Up to 4 Ni-MH batteries can be charged simultaneously.
• AC Power Adapter AC-3VX
Use the AC-3VX when taking pictures or play back images for long periods or when FinePix A400 / 
FinePix A500 is connected to a PC.
The shape of the AC power adapter, the plug, and socket outlet depend on the country.
• Soft Case SC-FXA03
This is a special case made of nylon that protects the camera against soil, dust, and minor impacts when it is being carried.
• Soft Case SC-FXA04
This is a special case made of polyurethane that protects the camera against soil, dust, and minor impacts when it is being carried.