Fujifilm FinePix A400 User Manual (en)

Power Supply and Batteries
Applicable Batteries
• In the camera, use AA-size alkaline or Ni-MH (nickel-
metal hydride) rechargeable batteries.
Do not use AA-size manganese or nickel-cadmium (Ni-
Cd) batteries in your FinePix A400 / FinePix A500 
because the heat created by the batteries could 
damage the camera or cause it not to work.
• The life of alkaline batteries varies between brands. The 
life of batteries you purchase may be shorter than those 
provided with the camera.
Notes on the Batteries
Incorrect use of the batteries could cause them to leak, 
become hot, ignite, or burst. Always observe the 
precautions given below.
• Do not heat the batteries or throw them into a fire.
• Do not carry or store batteries with metal objects such 
as necklaces or hairpins.
• Do not expose the batteries to water, and keep batteries 
from getting wet or stored in moist locations.
• Do not attempt to take apart or change the batteries, 
including battery casings.
• Do not subject the batteries to strong impacts.
• Do not use batteries that are leaking, deformed, 
• Do not store batteries in warm or humid places.
• Keep the batteries out of reach of babies and small 
• Make sure that the battery polarity (+ and ,) is 
• Do not use new with used batteries. Do not use charged 
and discharged batteries together.
• Do not use different types or brands of batteries at the 
same time.
• If you do not intend to use the camera for a long period 
of time, remove the batteries from the camera. Note if 
the camera is left with the batteries removed, the time 
and date settings are cleared.
• The batteries feel warm right after being used. Before 
removing the batteries, turn the camera off and wait for 
the batteries to cool down.
• Since batteries do not work well in cold weather or 
locations, warm the batteries by placing them inside 
your garments before use. Batteries do not work well 
when cold. They will work again when the temperature 
returns to normal.
• Soil (such as fingerprints) on the battery terminals 
makes the batteries charge less reducing the number of 
images. Carefully wipe the battery terminals with a soft 
dry cloth before loading.
If any liquid at all leaks from the batteries, wipe the 
battery compartment thoroughly and then load new 
If any battery fluid comes into contact with your hands 
or clothing, flush the area thoroughly with water. Note 
that battery fluid can cause loss of eyesight if it gets 
into your eyes. If this occurs, do not rub your eyes. 
Flush the fluid out with clean water and contact your 
physician for treatment.