Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT User Manual (en, zh)

If a problem occurs with the flash, first refer to this Troubleshooting 
Guide. If this Troubleshooting Guide does not resolve the problem, 
contact your dealer or nearest Canon Service Center.
Normal Shooting
Make sure that the batteries are installed in the correct orientation 
Insert the mounting foot into the camera’s hot shoe all the way, slide the 
lock lever to the right, and secure the Speedlite to the camera (p.15).
If the flash recycling time takes 30 sec. or longer, replace the batteries 
Even when using external power, insert batteries into the Speedlite 
If the electrical contacts of the Speedlite and camera are dirty, clean the 
contacts (p.6).
The Speedlite’s auto power off has activated. Press the shutter button 
halfway, or press the test flash button (p.16).
If there was a highly reflective object (glass window, etc.) in the picture, 
use FE lock (p.24).
If the subject looks very dark or very bright, set flash exposure 
compensation (p.22).
When high-speed sync is set, the effective flash range is shorter. Move 
closer to the subject (p.25).
Troubleshooting Guide
Power does not turn on or the flash does not fire.
The power turns off by itself.
The picture is underexposed or overexposed.