Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT User Manual (en, zh)

Getting Started and
Basic Operations
This chapter describes the preparations before starting 
flash shooting and the basic shooting operations.
To avoid degrading and damaging the flash head 
due to overheating, do not fire more than 20 
continuous flashes. After 20 continuous flashes, 
allow a rest time of at least 10 min.
If you fire more than 20 continuous flashes, and 
then fire the flash again repeatedly in short 
intervals, the safety function may activate and 
restrict flash firing. While flash firing is restricted, 
the recycling time is automatically set to an interval 
between approx. 8 and 20 sec. If this happens, 
allow a rest time of at least 15 min.
For details, see “Flash Firing Restriction due to 
Temperature Increase” on page 106.
Cautions for firing continuous flashes