Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT User Manual (en, zh)

?: Stroboscopic Flash
In stroboscopic flash, to ensure that the shutter stays open until the end 
of the continuous flashes, set the camera with a shutter speed 
calculated with the following equation.
Number of flashes ÷ flash frequency = shutter speed
For example, if the number of flashes is set to 10 (times) and flash 
frequency to 5 (Hz), set the shutter speed to 2 sec. or longer.
Calculating the Shutter Speed
To avoid degrading and damaging the flash head due to overheating, do 
not shoot repeatedly with stroboscopic flash more than 10 times. After 
shooting 10 times, allow a rest time of at least 15 min.
If you shoot repeatedly more than 10 times, the safety function may 
activate and restrict the flash firing. If this happens, allow a rest time of at 
least 15 min.
Stroboscopic flash is most effective when combining a highly reflective 
subject with a dark background.
Using a tripod, remote switch and external power source is 
Stroboscopic flash is not possible with 1/1 power or 1/2 power flash.
Stroboscopic flash is also possible when the camera’s shooting mode is 
set to “buLb”.
When the number of flashes is displayed as “---”, flashes are fired 
continuously until the shutter closes or the charge runs out. The 
maximum number of continuous flashes is shown in the table on the 
following page.