Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT User Manual (en, zh)

The Speedlite’s built-in external metering sensor measures the flash 
reflected from the subject in real time, and stops the flash when the 
standard exposure is reached.
“Auto external flash metering” can be used with the EOS digital 
cameras released since 2007. “Manual external flash metering” can be 
used with all EOS cameras.
This enables you to perform automatic flash shooting. The flash output 
is automatically adjusted according to the ISO speed and aperture set 
in the camera.
Set the flash mode to </>.
Press the <E> button and set to 
If </> is not displayed, set the 
flash Custom Function to C.Fn-05-2 
When you press the camera’s shutter 
button halfway, the effective flash 
range is displayed.
//.: Flash External Metering
/: Auto External Flash Metering
Flash exposure compensation (p.22) and FEB (p.23) are available during 
auto external flash metering.