Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT User Manual (en, zh)

To perform radio transmission wireless shooting, set the master unit 
and slave unit with the following procedure.
Display <'> and <M>.
Press the <I> button to display 
<'> (radio transmission) and 
Display <'> and <x>.
Operate and set the flash you want to 
set as the slave unit.
Press the <I> button to display 
<'> (radio transmission) and 
To avoid interference with wireless multiple flash systems using radio 
transmission that are used by other photographers, or with other 
devices that use radio waves (wireless), you can change the 
transmission channel and wireless radio ID. Set the same channel 
and ID for both the master unit and slave unit.
Wireless Settings
Master Unit Setting
Slave Unit Setting
Transmission Channel/Wireless Radio ID Settings
To perform normal flash shooting, press the <
I> button to clear the 
wireless (master/slave) settings.
When establishing multiple radio transmission wireless flash systems, 
interference between flash systems may occur, even if the flashes are set to 
different channels. Set different radio transmission IDs for each channel