Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT User Manual (en, zh)

a: Fully Automatic Wireless Flash Shooting
Flash exposure compensation and other settings set on the master unit 
will also be automatically set in the slave unit(s). You do not need to 
operate the slave unit. Wireless flash shooting with the following 
settings can be performed in the same way as in normal flash shooting.
You can use two or more master units. By preparing multiple cameras 
with master units attached, you can shoot by changing cameras while 
keeping the same lighting (slave units).
Using Fully Automatic Wireless Flash
• Flash exposure compensation
• High-speed sync
• FEB (E/p.23)
• Manual flash (p.31, 88, 89)
• FE lock (p.24)
• Stroboscopic flash (p.33, 89)
About Master Units
The flash frequency for stroboscopic flash during optical wireless 
transmission shooting can be set from 1 Hz to 199 Hz (settings from 250 Hz 
to 500 Hz are not available).
<@>, <Y> and <E> are displayed when function button 4 is