Canon 40D + 580EX II 1901B045 User Manual (en)

Discover the secret to evenly lit subjects 
with Canon’s specialised flash units. 
The Macro Ring Lite MR-4EX provides 
soft, even, shadow-free lighting, ideal for 
detailed subjects. The Macro Twin Lite 
MT-4EX features two fully adjustable 
flash heads – removable for mounting 
off-camera – the ultimate in versatile 
directional lighting. External flashes work 
with the E-TTL II flash system, integrating 
distance information from most EF or EF-S 
lenses to calculate exactly the required 
flash strength.
Vibrations from the movement of an  
SLR camera’s mirror can result in image 
blur, particularly during macro shooting. 
To avoid this, both the EOS 450D and  
EOS 40D feature a mirror lock function, to 
secure the mirror before firing the shutter. 
And with a Canon wired or wireless  
controller, you can position and focus 
your camera and fire the shutter remotely, 
reducing any possibility of image blur. 
Macro photography celebrates the things that it’s all too easy to 
miss. With the EOS system’s dedicated range of macro lenses 
and accessories, you can customise your set-up to capture even 
the tiniest subjects – in breathtaking, perfectly-lit detail.
Find the perfect lens for every macro situation – from the 
lightweight, compact EF 50mm f/.5, which doubles as a 
general-purpose lens, to the EF 80mm F/3.5L Macro USM, 
ideal for easily-disturbed subjects like insects. Choose manual 
focus or fast, near-silent USM auto focus. Use an extender 
to help fill your frame with subjects to which you can’t – or 
shouldn’t – get too close.
Available on both cameras, Live View mode shooting adds a 
new dimension to Macro photography. With up to 0x  
magnification of the real-time 3.0” LCD image available, 
manual focus can be fine tuned to perfection – especially 
useful in low light settings or when the camera is positioned 
such that checking focus through the eye-piece is awkward or 
impossible. And because Live View mode uses an electronic 
st curtain shutter, shutter lag is even further reduced for 
near-instantaneous shooting.