Canon 5D Mark III User Manual (en)

Troubleshooting Guide
With [51: File name], select the camera’s unique file name or the file 
name registered under User setting 1 (p.152).
If the card already contains recorded images, the image number may 
not start from 0001 (p.154).
The correct date and time has not been set (p.36).
Check the time zone and daylight savings time (p.37).
The shooting date and time does not appear in the picture. The date and 
time is instead recorded in the image data as shooting information. When 
printing, you can imprint the date and time in the picture by using the date 
and time recorded in the shooting information (p.301, 305).
If the card has recorded a number of images greater than the camera 
can display, [###] will be displayed (p.256).
In low temperatures, the display speed of the AF points may become 
slower due to the AF point display device’s (liquid crystal) 
characteristics. The display speed will return to normal at room 
If the LCD monitor is dirty, use a soft cloth to clean it.
In low or high temperatures, the LCD monitor display may seem slow 
or may look black. It will return to normal at room temperature.
The fourth character in the file name changes.
The file numbering does not start from 0001.
The shooting date and time displayed is incorrect.
The date and time is not in the picture.
[###] is displayed.
In the viewfinder, the AF point display speed is slow.
The LCD monitor does not display a clear image.