Sanyo VPC-CA102 User Manual (en)

Taking great pictures in difficult surroundings is easier than you might think. 
By keeping a few points in mind and choosing the correct settings, you can 
create photos that you’ll be proud to display and share.
If images are blurred even when the autofocus is 
Your camera employs an autofocus function. When you snap a picture using 
the autofocus, the camera automatically adjusts the settings so that the 
image will be in focus. If you are getting blurred images even when using the 
autofocus, one or more of the following might be the reason.
How the autofocus works
The autofocus is activated when the [
] button is gently pressed halfway. 
Press the [
] button slightly, and the target mark will appear on the monitor 
to indicate that the autofocus has been activated. Next, continue to gently 
press the [
] button all the way to snap the picture. This two-step method is 
the way to ensure that your photos are perfectly focused.
Reasons for unfocused images
1 The [
] button was pressed all the way in one step.
2 After the image was focused, the subject moved.
h Even if camera focuses the subject once, if the distance between the 
camera and the subject is changed, the subject may become out of 
3 The focus setting is not set for the correct distance.
h If you shoot a close-up subject with the camera set to the normal focus 
mode, or if you shoot a subject at normal distance with the camera set 
to the super macro (close-up) mode (pages 48, 57 and 89), the image 
will not be in focus.
Preventing blurred images
1 Confirm that the camera is set to the correct focus mode for your subject.
2 Hold the camera correctly, and press the [
] button halfway.
3 Wait for the target mark to appear in the monitor, and holding the camera 
steady, gently continue to press the [
] button all the way down.
Following these steps for a gentle but firm pressing of the [
] button will 
ensure that you get beautifully focused photos.