Sanyo VPC-CA102 User Manual (en)

Photographing a moving subject
Situation: You would like to snap an action shot of a moving child or pet. The 
autofocus is activated, but because the subject is moving, the image may be 
blurred. In particular, when the distance between the camera and the subject 
is changing, it is difficult to lock the focus on the subject. Here are some hints 
for successfully capturing images of moving subjects.
Reasons for unfocused images
When the [
] button is gently pressed halfway, the camera’s autofocus 
works by determining the distance between the camera and the subject. 
Once the subject is in focus, if it then moves before the picture is snapped, 
the image may be out of focus. This often happens when you once lock the 
focus on a subject and then wait for the right moment to snap the picture. 
And, conversely, a blurred image may result if you press the [
] button all 
the way in one step in an attempt to quickly capture an action scene, thus 
failing to activate the autofocus in time.
Preventing blurred images (How to use the manual focus [page 89])
In addition to the autofocus, a manual focus mode is also incorporated in your 
camera. In the autofocus mode, the distance between the camera and the 
subject is automatically determined when you press the [
] button halfway. 
In contrast to this, with the manual focus mode, you manually set the focus by 
specifying the correct distance between the camera and the subject before 
taking the picture.
How to photograph a moving subject
1 Set the camera’s focus mode to the manual focus. Set the focus distance 
to the correct distance between the camera and the subject.
2 When the subject is at the set focus distance, gently press the [
button all the way down.
<Advantage of using the manual focus>
i Images can be quickly captured without waiting for the autofocus to 
i Because you are presetting the focus distance, the focus can be more 
<Using the manual focus effectively>
i When photographing a moving subject, press the [
] button just before 
the subject reaches the focus distance, and the shutter will be released 
when the subject is at the correct distance.
i Use manual focus to avoid incorrectly focused images when there is an 
object between the camera and the subject you wish to focus on.