Sanyo VPC-CA102 User Manual (en)

Does the window requesting confirmation to enable the MPEG-2 Codec 
When using TotalMedia Extreme for the first time, a window requesting you to 
confirm activation of the MPEG-2 Codec appears during the procedure. The 
MPEG-2 Codec must be activated in order to burn files to a DVD. Complete 
the following procedure to activate the MPEG-2 Codec.
i Note that your computer must be connected to the Internet in order to 
complete this procedure. Please confirm that your computer is connected 
to the Internet.
When the window requesting confirmation to activate the MPEG-2 
Codec appears, click the [Yes] button.
h The ArcSoft website appears.
Click on [Special downloads].
h The window appears for you to enter your email address, name, license 
ID, etc.
h Enter the correct information.
h The license ID is located on the back card of the supplied CD-ROM.
Click the [Submit] button.
h Soon thereafter, the URL for the download to activate the MPEG-2
Codec will be sent to the email address you entered in step 2.
Click the download URL link.
h The program will be downloaded to your computer.
Double-click the icon for the downloaded program.
h Follow the instructions to activate the MPEG-2 Codec.
h DVD burning via the TotalMedia Extreme program is now enabled.
h When the procedure above has been completed, continue to the 
procedure to burn to DVD.
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