Sanyo VPC-CA102 User Manual (en)

This camera complies with JIS IPX8 (formerly JIS protection grade 8) 
waterproof standard and can be used in water. Note, however, that 
failing to heed the following precautions may result in damage or injury 
that is not covered by the warranty. Please take the time to carefully 
read and heed the following cautions.
Before using the camera
i When closing the battery cover and terminal cover, 
make sure that no foreign object such as sand, hair, 
dust, etc. is caught in the rubber seal.
i Make sure that the battery cover and terminal cover 
are completely and securely closed to prevent water 
from getting inside the camera and damaging it.
i Please note that the camera accessories are not 
Cautions concerning use in water
i The waterproof properties of the camera apply to fresh 
water and saltwater only; they do not apply to cleaning 
substances, chemicals or water from spas, etc. In 
case of a splash, immediately wipe off any moisture.
i Do not immerse in water at a depth greater than 3.0 m 
(9.84 ft.).
i Do not subject the camera to high-pressure water.
i Do not immerse in water for longer than 60 minutes. 
After 60 minutes of use in water, allow it to dry for at 
least 10 minutes.
i Do not immerse in water that is warmer than 40 °C 
i Do not open and close the battery cover or terminal 
cover when the camera is wet or while it is immersed 
in water.
i Do not open and close the battery cover or terminal cover with wet hands.
i Do not open the battery cover or terminal cover on the beach or at the 
i Do not jolt the camera while it is immersed in water. Doing so may cause the 
battery cover or terminal cover to open.
Concerning your camera’s 
waterproof feature