Sanyo VPC-CA102 User Manual (en)

Storing and maintaining your camera
i Do not leave the camera unwashed after it has been 
immersed in salt water or if salt water is adhering to 
it. Doing so may cause corrosion and discoloration of 
the plating, as well as deterioration of the camera’s 
waterproof capability.
i After the camera has been used in water, use fresh 
water to wash it. Never use soap or detergent to 
clean the camera, as doing so will cause deterioration 
of the camera’s waterproof capability.
i After washing the camera, take care to completely drain it, and use a dry 
cloth to wipe off any drops of water adhering to it (page 69).
i Do not leave the camera in an environment colder than 0 °C (32°F) or 
warmer than 40 °C (104°F), as doing so may cause deterioration of the 
camera’s waterproof capability.
i Waterproof seals are used in this camera. It is recommended that the 
waterproof seals be replaced every year with new ones. For replacing the 
seals, please consult your dealer.
* Please note that there is a fee for replacing the waterproof seal.
Beware of condensation
i Avoid opening and closing the battery cover and terminal cover in a high 
humidity environment, as doing so may cause condensation inside the 
i If condensation has formed inside the camera, as indicated for example by 
a cloudy lens, open the covers in a dry environment and leave the camera 
to dry.
Other cautions
i Do not subject the camera to severe jolts, as doing so may deform the 
battery cover, terminal cover or the camera body, thus compromising its 
waterproof capability. If the camera has been subjected to a strong jolt, 
please consult with your dealer.
What is “JIS IPX8” (formerly “JIS protection grade 8”)?
i “JIS IPX8” specifies that a device is protected against the effects of 
continuous immersion in water.