Sanyo VPC-CA102 User Manual (en)

Use only the supplied accessories
i Please use only the supplied AC adaptor and dedicated USB interface 
cable. Using an AC adaptor or USB cable other than those supplied may 
cause a fire.
Close the battery cover and terminal cover securely
i If any cover is not closed or is not closed completely, the camera will no 
longer be waterproof. When closing a cover, make sure that no foreign 
object such as sand, hair, dust, etc. is caught in the rubber seal.
Do not charge the battery pack immediately after the camera has been 
in continuous use for a long time
i The battery pack becomes hot when the camera is used continuously for a 
long time. If you attempt to charge the battery pack in this state, the multi-
indicator may flash red and it may not be possible to charge the battery 
pack. Wait until the battery pack has cooled down before attempting to 
charge it.
Does the battery pack appear swollen?
i The lithium-ion battery used in this camera may expand slightly when 
stored in a hot environment or repeatedly used, but this is not a safety 
hazard. However, a battery that is difficult to insert because it has become 
swollen may then be impossible to extract from the battery compartment. 
In this case, please discontinue its use and replace it with a new battery.
Do not use the battery with the outer covering or label removed
i Doing so may result in malfunction.