Sanyo VPC-CA102 User Manual (en)

About recharging
Recharging takes place only when the camera is turned off, or when the 
power save function or the sleep function has been activated. Recharging 
does not take place when the camera is in the recording mode or playback 
About the temperature alert icon \
During camera use, if the temperature of the battery or inside the camera 
(excluding the battery) rises, a temperature alert icon \ will appear as 
described below.
When the battery or internal camera (excluding battery) temperature 
rises during use
h During camera use, if the temperature of the battery or inside the 
camera (excluding the battery) rises, a \ icon lights on the monitor. It 
is still possible to record and play back even when the \ icon is lit; 
however it is advised that you discontinue use as soon as possible and 
turn the camera off.
h If the temperature rises further, the \ icon will start to flash, and the 
camera will turn off automatically.
The camera cannot be turned on until the temperature has dropped (or 
as long as the \ icon remains flashing). Please wait until the 
temperature has dropped before resuming use.
h During video recording, a countdown indicator will show the time 
starting about 15 seconds before shutdown. When the indicator shows 
0 seconds, recording stops.
h If the camera is turned off while the temperature is high (that is, while 
the \ icon is flashing), it cannot be turned on again until the 
temperature has dropped (or as long as the \ icon remains flashing).